Make the big catch of today, the awesome mount of a lifetime. We specialize in catch and release (or catch and eat) saltwater fish mounts. With a few measurements and a picture (if possible) of your release, we can make that "Great Release Memory" into a "Long Lasting Trophy". All our fish mounts are meticulously hand painted with individual care by a professional fish taxidermy artist. Our reproduction fish are made of composite materials that are designed to out last and look more realistic than the best skin mounted fish (real fish skinned and dried to make a mount). Reproduction Fish are much better than skin mounts for many reasons:
  1. Composite materials will last for years to come with very little care and skin mounts even with the best care, will still start to fail after just a few years.
  2. Our fish mounts in many cases have better details and more lifelike anatomy than skin mounts, because everyone of our fish are made from molds cast from fresh intact fish. High quality mounts, help make high quality fish replicas more realistic.
  3. With a few simple measurements (length and girth) from your fish we can match the size of your fish and recreate your memory of that great catch. With skin mounts you have no mount unless you have the entire dead fish which is not always possible and in some cases illegal. With replica fish mounts you can have your fish and eat it too.
  4. Superior paint (lifelike colors) and expert painting skills will make the coloration of your mount become brilliant, when this is combined with lifelike eyes, thin realistic fins and great detail your mount will appear to "Be Alive!"
There is no fish too big or too small for our services! We also make custom mounts and displays for homes, restaurants, and stores. We can mount almost any fish (fresh or saltwater) ship anywhere in the U.S. and some locations outside the U.S.

Custom Saltwater Taxidermy

Chris Kimrey

Saltwater Fish Mounts

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